About the artist

Keri Mosier started designing jewelry at 7 years old as part of a small group of child laborers including her brother and sister. Keri's mother, a single mom and an artist herself, came up with a way to supplement her income by making turquoise jewelry and selling it at the swap meet, taking advantage of the fact that she looked vaguely Native American. But, unfortunately, as the demand grew she needed to outsource to her two unwilling teenage children and Keri. 

Years later, as a teenager herself, Keri picked up the round nose pliers again and started making some sweet-ass nineties style chokers that were a hit with her friends. By the time she was 21 she had accumulated quite a bit of jewelry that she needed to do something with. Her best friend suggested she bring all her pieces to sell when they had plans to go to the Chicago Blues Fest in 1992. Everything sold and with a fistful of cash, a fire was sparked in Keri.

Keri went from making pieces in her tiny duplex kitchen, to the corner of a bedroom in the  house she shares with husband Paul and two daughters, to a small studio in Downtown Phoenix, five minutes from her house.

You could say she hasn't come that far, and you might be right.

Keri loves to make jewelry for you, to help you create the perfect piece, to make you feel good about yourself, and to just hang out with you and chat. Designing jewelry can get lonely! If you don't live in Phoenix plea send any questions through the "chat bubble" at the bottom of the website, or feel free to email me at