How to transform your unworn vintage jewelry into something you love

Do you have a pile of jewelry that has been bequeathed to you from an elderly relative? If so, you probably have the items stuffed in a keepsake box and tucked away. What a waste! Let me take Grammy’s pearl necklace or the gaudy turquoise earrings belonging to your beloved Aunt Gladys and create something new and modern that you can actually wear.

Upcycling typically involves taking something and adding value to it, either by altering the piece or extending its life cycle. Creating a new piece of jewelry from the materials of another piece or salvaging a discarded piece of jewelry to wear or gift is a great way to upcycle materials.

One of my most recent jobs consisted of a very bulky pair of beaded earrings, classic 1980’s style, and I refashioned them into 7 pairs of earrings for the woman to gift to her grandchildren.

Another customer had a gorgeous pair of gold and sterling cuff links that had belonged to her father and I refashioned them as a cool pendants, and hung them on sterling chains so she and her daughter could have a memento to wear daily.

Gather your items and come visit me at the shop, or if you aren’t local, send me photos! You would be surprised what I can make out of your vintage pieces collecting dust.


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