What I’ve been up to

  • What I’ve been up to!

    I create more than just jewelry!

    I’ve been making leather belts using vintage buckles, and vintage leather creating fresh new belts. I’m also loving my new belts made with strips of soft thin leather, without a buckle. It just sort of wraps into itself if you want to add a little shape to a dress, but don’t want to add any gold or silver to compete with your jewelry.

     Watches! Have you heard that regular old-school watches are coming back? I have been collecting vintage watches for a very long time and recently have started going through them and bringing them back to life. Stay tuned for a Vintage watch drop! I have some beauties.

     Bolo Ties! Thanks in a large part to Beyoncé (who is officially in her country era) and with a little help from Bella Hadid (and her new professional cowboy boyfriend), fashion is falling in love with cowboy hats, cowboy boots and everything Wild West once again.

    I’ve been making cool, modern bolo ties. I’m really enjoying how they look with a simple tank or tee, even an unbuttoned white shirt. It’s a great unisex piece that will stand the test of time. Check out the ones I currently have  on my site and stay tuned for new bolos as I make them.

    Thanks for reading!