Packing jewelry for travel doesn’t have to be difficult

     How to easily pack your jewelry for traveling.


  • Don’t you hate when you get to your destination, all of your necklaces are tangled and you don’t even end up wearing most of them on vacation anyway. There is an easy fix that doesn’t require you to buy any fancy jewelry organizer, and anyone can do it!
  • Summer is approaching and that means packing is in your future. I don’t know about you but I always go overboard with the contents of my luggage. An outfit for every possible occasion and matching shoes and jewelry. What if we go to a fancy dinner? (Never gonna happen) Late night stroll on the beach? (Nope) A situation that calls for a sexy bathing suit with gold jewelry and sheer cover-up? (Who ARE you?)
  • My new plan is fool proof and it isn’t really groundbreaking- what’s your favorite everyday necklace that goes with everything? For me it’s generally a 16 or 17 inch simple delicate gold chain, maybe with a small pendant. I’ll wear this one on the plane (TSA does not require you to remove jewelry anymore.) I have 2 holes in each ear so I’ll wear a tiny gold hoop in second hole (won’t take these out) and a bigger gold hoop in the first hole. On my wrist, one or 2 gold chain bracelets that I can leave on. This is my entire base layer of jewelry.
  • What I bring: one longer gold chain (22 to 24 inches long) with a pendant, an even longer beaded necklace in a pop of color, a few beaded bracelets, a few dangles to add to your hoop earrings and boom, this literally covers all of your jewelry needs!

Now for the actual packing…’s the magic ingredient: ziplock bags, yep, they aren’t just for sandwiches. Each piece gets its own bag except the beaded items, they can go in one larger bag without fear of tangling. The trick to remember with anything on a chain is to stick the clasp out of the top of the bag. See photo for reference. This technique takes up very little space so you can toss it in your carry-on.

Enjoy your vacation and take lots of pics!